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  • Are you confused about what you really want to do?
  • Sick of your job and not getting anywhere?
  • Finding that you are missing out on the career opportunities that you want?
  • Ready for a big change, but unsure about what to do and how to do it?
  • Feeling pulled in several different directions?
  • Perhaps you want a complete change, but have no idea what that could be?
  • Do you have dreams of creating your own business?
  • Maybe you are considering buying a business?

How often do you get the chance to focus on YOU, your needs and wants, your skills and strengths, your experience and preferences?

iStock_000011532245XSmallThis is your opportunity to recognise what you want from your career and your life.

Career counselling and career coaching through Career Clarity will give you the opportunity, in a safe and supported environment, to think about you, your needs, your life and what you really want. Our counselling strategies are adapted to meet the needs of each individual client, therefore to meet your specific needs.

You will be really listened to about the issues that are difficult to discuss freely with your work colleagues, friends and even family. From this you should expect to feel less confused, develop your self-understanding, and gain a sense of direction.

Career coaching supports you as you undertake the journey towards achieving your own personal goals. Your coach will lead you, assist you, cajole you… whatever it takes you get you moving towards the career and life that you want. Many bonuses are available through our Career Coaching program, giving you outstanding resources to help you move forward towards your goals.

Career coaching programs are available online and through Skype/telephone.

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