Who does Career Clarity work with?

Career Clarity works with individuals at all stages of their career development, with a particular interest in those who are undertaking a career change, from one job to another, from employee to entrepreneur and from “traditional” work roles to an actively engaged retirement.

Career Clarity also works with organisations to assist with the career development of their staff, and with educational organisations planning career education programs.

What services does Career Clarity provide?

  • Career Counselling
    • about career development issues
    • about life issues that are affecting productivity at work
    • about work problems such as change management and personal interactions.
  • Career Coaching
    • executive development coaching
    • assisting employees with specific work based problems
    • fostering talented employees to prepare them for promotion.
  • Career Workshops and Training
    • Group training in all aspects of career development and related issues such as work life balance and communication
    • Facilitation of professional development.
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