Facing Redundancy: What To Do Before Your Sign Anything

Facing Redundancy Head-on

Usually there are tell-tale signs leading up to a redundancy.  You may feel like you are no longer being trusted or given the responsibilities that you had come to expect.  You may feel that your work is being looked at more carefully, or catch comments about your role that seem odd or out of place.  In a big company you may notice people that you don't know walking around or attending meetings when there is no obvious explanation.  Sometimes it is just plain old-fashioned gut instinct that things aren't as they should be.  

Don't be paranoid about it, but it is probably time to find out just what your entitlements would be if your job suddenly disappeared.  You might also like to view Facing Redundancy: 8 Positive Steps to Take to help you prepare yourself personally or read my article Facing Redundancy: 8 things to do if you think your job might be made redundant.

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  1. […] Fairwork Australia – http://www.fairwork.gov.au – offers wonderful information about your entitlements if your job is made redundant.  They also have great information to help you determine if you have been unfairly dismissed.  I have made a short video to introduce you to this website and show you where to find the information you may need to research.  Facing Redundancy: What To Do Before You Sign Anything […]

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