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Facing Redundancy: What To Do Before Your Sign Anything

Facing Redundancy Head-on Usually there are tell-tale signs leading up to a redundancy.  You may feel like you are no longer being trusted or given the responsibilities that you had come to expect.  You may feel that your work is being looked at more carefully, or catch comments about your role that seem odd or […]

Facing Redundancy: 8 Positive Steps to Take

If you are worried that you might be facing redundancy have a look at this powerpoint or read the full article at

Job Search After Redundancy

If you don’t work with a career counsellor or coach, make sure that you have a great resume which demonstrates your achievements and why you are the perfect person for that particular job. This means adapting your resume and cover letter every time you apply for a new job, so it is targetting that precise job. The scattergun approach – sending the same resume and letter to everyone – just doesn’t work.

5 Ways to Turn Your Job Search Into a Career Search

Career Success

It’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you don’t end your career in the same place you started it. Whatever direction you choose to go, insist that there are future opportunities available; whether it’s advancing with the specific company, or making connections with people who could refer you to other businesses or locations, always be on the look-out for various positions and promotions as well as possibilities for networking.

Your Successful Job Search Starts Here!

What are you doing to prepare yourself for a job search? Don’t wait until you absolutely have to get a new job! Start your preparation now to give yourself the best chance of a successful job search.

Ageism for Older Workers

Logo for Powerful Career Breakthrough

Many older workers feel that their opportunities are narrowed because of their age. Upgrade your knowledge of the contemporary job search process, in your own time but with the help of an experienced career coach. Clarity Career Management will provide all the knowledge and support you need.

Career Success Can Be Yours!

In  my many years as a career practitioner, during which I’ve coached people with different attitudes, different career goals and different views on career success, I have noticed a common pattern among the behaviours of those who were able to attain a successful career. Let me share them with you: You need to have clarity […]

Failure and Your Dream Career

What’s stopping you from pursuing your dream career? Are you one of the many mature workers who are stuck in careers they don’t like because they are afraid of the possibility that they could fail along the way? The fear of failing is common to everyone. It is however important to remember that failure is […]

A Successful Career is Possible

Everybody wants to enjoy a successful career – a career that matches their goals and aspirations. Everyone wants to enjoy work and life balance. We all want to live a life where we can spend quality time with family and friends and do things that provide us happiness and fulfilment while at the same time […]

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