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Professional Career Services Personalised to Suit Your Needs

Career Clarity assists clients to identify and succeed in satisfying work and life roles that fulfill their innate strengths, skills, talents and professional interests and are in concurrence with their values and aspirations.  

A highly qualified and experienced Career Counsellor or Career Coach will work with you, depending on your specific needs.  Each individual has different needs and we pride ourselves on meeting your needs, adapting the services we provide you accordingly.

Midlife career change is a specialty of this practice:

  • Do you want to make a career change to a different type of work?
  • Would you like a complete career change from employee to entrepreneur or small business owner?
  • Just feel that you have to get away from your current work and don't know what to do?

A career counsellor or career coach will help you work out your best options and help you reach your goals.

Don't procrastinate…………You deserve to have work that you enjoy!

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Services Provided


For individuals, from students to retirees, this practice provides the services of

  • Career counsellor for career change – Clarity as you make the decisions

  • Career coach for career transitions – Support as you make the transition

  • Work life counselling – Sorting out the work problems that are bothering you

Career counselling and career coaching services can be provided in person, or using Skype, telephone or email.


Clarity Career Management, looks after all our work with organisations.  Through Clarity Career Management we are able to provide:

Jenni Proctor

Jenni Proctor is a qualified and experienced Career Coach and Career Counsellor. As the principal of a small career development business Jenni combines a passion for career counselling and career coaching with a strong background in education and management.

She is an active Member and Fellow of the Career Development Association of Australia.  She has been a member of the CDAA National Executive Committee , as well as being the on the Queensland Committee for the last seven years.

Jenni ProctorJenni completed a Master of Career Development through Edith Cowan University. She has worked with businesses and other organisations to provide career development services to their staff and clients.

She has also worked within a school environment to initiate and implement an innovative career education program and as a Career Education consultant for schools.

Jenni has had extensive experience presenting professional development and training workshops.

As a writer she has developed training courses for registered training organisations and has contributed to and edited supplementary materials for an outstanding career development software program.


  • Master of Career Development
  • Career Development Practitioner Certificate – Worklife College
  • BA, Dip Ed, GDTL
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Small Business

Career recognition

  • Twice winner of Judith Leeson Award for Excellence in Career Teaching, 2005 and 2006, Australian Career Service.
  • Runner-up – Innovation in Career Education award, 2003, Australian Career Service
  • Finalist – Judith Leeson award for Excellence in Career Teaching, 2004, Australian Career Service
  • Career Educator Scholarship – Department of Education and Science 2005.
  • Career Education Lighthouse School Project – Designer and Co-ordinator of a school based project.

Why should you use Career Clarity’s services?

Counselling, coaching and training are all professional services that require a high level of academic qualifications and experience. Career Clarity can deliver each of these services with professionalism and expertise, backed by best-practice career development practices and training techniques. Our counselling and coaching services are solution focused. At the core of our training services is deep knowledge of how people learn, clear effective communication techniques and an understanding of the impact on training outcomes of motivation and perceived relevance.

Career Clarity will deliver the services you require according to your specific needs. We do not work with pre-planned materials. Any training package you need is designed for you. 

Our guarantee to you

Career Clarity will work with you to obtain the outcomes you require. As a small business we can quickly respond to your needs as you will be dealing with the person who also delivers the programs. If you are not completely happy with our service we will do everything we can to meet your requirements.

Contact us now

As they say on every answering machine… Your call is important to us! Email [email protected] or phone 1300851821 to discuss your needs.

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