Are you putting up with a job that doesn’t make you happy?  Showing up at work each day wishing you were somewhere else?  Feeling stressed, unwell, out of balance?

Are You Wasting Your Life Doing Work You Don’t Enjoy? 

You Need A Career Change!

Do you find yourself thinking about

  • A new job, something quite different from what you have been doing?
  • A completely new career using your skills and experience in a different role or industry?
  • A different career direction, perhaps involving study or training?
  • An opportunity to explore your entrepreneurial ideas so you can sack the boss?

We can help you make your Career Change, whether that be to a conventional job, a new career or planning your own business.  

Career coach Career counsellor Jenni Proctor

Making a career change of any sort is very different from just “getting another job”.   Your needs are different and the process of making your decision is different.  Helping people like you make decisions about their next step is what Career Clarity does best.  We are specialists in Career Change, Career Counselling and Career Coaching.

Of course we can also provide you with outstanding career development services and resources if you are not making a major career change but want to get a new job, or are deciding on a course of study at any stage of life.

Career Clarity also offers the combined perspective of professional career assistance as well as the experience of creating offline and online businesses.  If you are interested in escaping the employee rat-race, this combination of perspectives will assist you to make your decisions based on the realities of online and offline business, the “sweat equity”, the resilience required, the challenges AND the wonderful rewards.

You don’t need to come to my office.  Through Skype or telephone we can have an appointment from the comfort of your home or office.  If NOW is time for you to make a career change of any sort don’t hesitate to give me a call to discuss your situation and how I can help you.

CALL NOW – 1300 851 821


EMAIL – jenni@careerclarity.com.au


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